Fortune Pai Gow

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If you like poker, you’ll have twice as much fun with this fast-paced variation of the traditional poker game. In Pai Gow, you get 7 cards and an opportunity to make the best two poker hands possible. In Fortune Pai Gow, you also get to make a side bet on making a seven card poker hand. Here’s how it works. Your highest hand has 5 cards; your second hand has 2 cards. You win if your hands beat both of the dealer’s hands. You tie the dealer if one of your hands beats his. You get a bonus payout if you also made the side wager, and you got a straight or higher.Ask your dealer about the “envy button.” It’s an opportunity to make a bonus wager to win on other guests’ hands, too.
Fortune Pai Gow is a proprietary game and trademark used under license from SHFL Entertainment, Inc.